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Narayanee Venkatasubramanian

A disciple of Dr.Padma Subramanyam, has been learning and performing Bhartanatyam for the last 24 years. She first started learning under Guru Prabha in Bangalore and when she relocated to Chennai she joined Nrithyodaya, the dance school of Dr.Padma Subramanyam. Narayanee learnt bhartanrityam for 14 years. At Nrithyodaya  she completed Nritya Praveshika (middle level certification)  and Nritya Visaradha ( Higher level certification).She was also one of the first students to get  Marga Desi Sangraha (a specialization certification).

Narayanee had her arangetram in 1993 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Chennai. Then as she grew as a dancer was part of Dr.Padma Subramanyam's dance troupe  for many years and has performed in productions such as Shri Gurave Namaha, Pavai Nombu, Meenakshi Kalyanam and Vande Mataram. She later went on to teach dance at Nrithyodya  for 5 years before she started performing and teaching on her own. Meanwhile she has given many solo and group performances all over India.

Narayanee has special training and experience to teach dance to the differently able children. One of her important contributions has been her stint at The Clarke School for the Deaf as a dance teacher. The highlight of her career at the Clarke school was her collaborative work with Astad Deboo, the well known contemporary dancer in choreographing and training children for special dance performances. Along with Astad Deboo, she trained eight talented differently-able children to perform at the Deaf Olympics, opening ceremony in Melbourne in January 2005. She also toured with this eight member troupe in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

At present, Narayanee is settled in US with her son and husband and is teaching Bharatnrityam to aspiring students.